Sean H.
The LightBlaze 400 exceeded my expectations. Not only did it outperform the UFO but the light emitted from the LightBlaze 400 was not nearly as harsh on the eyes as the UFO. The yield was about 1/4 that of a 1k HPS, but it was one tenth of the power consumption. So if I had used 10 of the LightBlaze 400 to the one 1K light my yield would have been two and a half times that of the 1kHPS. Also I did the math and it costs me $100 a month to run my 1K HPS light and I must replace the light 2-3 times a year, so it actually costs me $1400 a year just to run the 1kHPs. It will only cost me about $100 a year in electricity to run the LightBlaze 400 . Great piece of equipment, not one problem since I plugged it in.

Robert J. R.
I was very hesitant when it came to ordering leds for growing. I had done tons of research and felt very comfortable with your company. I finally decided to go with the lightblaze 400 and now I couldn't be happier. What A fantastic light! Some plants even respond to your light better than my old 600watt HPS! The quality of my yield has never been so phenomenal.

Mike C.
Hey Superled, I just wanted to say thanks a bunch for getting me started with the lightblaze400. This is real quality and I'm so glad I chose this light over the UFO. The LB400 is far ahead of everything else that's out there. I wouldn't waste my time on another grow light.

Brandon B.
I have always been a skeptic of LED grow lights until now, Thank you for helping me save so much in electricity bills.

Jamie L.
Just got my light and I just have to say... wow. I seriously did not expect the results I got, within days my tomatoes were fruiting! My friend told me the UFO was crap so i did some research and went with the lightblaze instead and i couldnt be happier...except maybe if I had 2 :)

Jessica R.S.
OMG this thing is sooo bright even if i dont look right at it i see dots for like 10 minutes after. anyway we are a week in and our plants look healthy! very solid so far.

Todd r.
you're light runs MUCH cooler than even some other led products and it looks brighter too

chris j
about 1 day after switching over to your light my plant began to flower, simply amazing

Frank jr
i am a store owner and have sold a few lightblazes. customers have told us they have had great results growing with your light. you can expect more orders from us! is there any chance of you releasing a higher model??

Big Mike
I purchased your light to do some testing, and I am in complete shock. They are flowering as if they were under a 600watt high pressure sodium.

Brandon B
I have always been a skeptic of LED grow lights until now, Thank you for helping me save so much in electricity bills.

Sammy L.
Hello, I just received my lightblaze400 and I am very happy with its footprint.

I bought a superled light about a month ago to help grow some orchids. I must say that so far, I am quite pleased with the results. The daily progress of my flowers is astounding. Their just like little babies that grow so quickly in the blink of an eye! :) Anyways, I have noticed that it's helped reduce my electricity bill so it's definitely been well worth it on that front. The only thing I regret is not having but a few more to help even out the shared lighting with my orchids. For anyone thinking about getting a superled light, depending on your purpose and volume of growth of course, I would suggest buying a couple of lights to start with. Happy growing and money saving :)

tommy greens
I have never flowerd with anything less than a 1000watt and your light is equal or greater when it comes to flowering.

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