Plant Grow Lights About LED Grow LightsLED growing is the future
We've invested a lot of time and money developing the most advanced LED growing light on the market for a very affordable price. Using LEDs, many of the problems that have plauged indoor growers for years simply disappear. We feel the time has come for LED lights to take their place as the de-facto standard in indoor growing!
Meet the Future:  LightBlaze 400
Don't believe us yet? Read on to learn why there is no better choice than LEDs for your plants...
Why are LED lights better? There is no doubt about it, LEDs are better
LED grow lights are significantly better than traditional HID lights. If you are still uncertain, all four of these categories offer compelling reasons why you should switch to LED growing today!

Less Heat, Energy, and Pollution

Reducing heat and energy is one of the biggest places where LED technology shines. The number of different ways LEDs save energy is mind boggling, here are a few ways:

  • LEDs produce more light per watt than do incandescent bulbs
  • Light from LEDs is directional while bulbs require wasteful reflectors
  • LEDs can be made for targeted wavelengths meaning energy is not wasted on the rest of the spectrum
Our LED grow light (the LightBlaze 400) will output as much light as a 400 watt HPS while taking only 100 watts! That's a 75% savings right there. And if you remember that our light only emits PAR light you have an incredible advantage over a standard 400 watt HPS!

And lets not forget about the heat that you have to deal with when using traditional lights. With LED lights:

  • No extra cooling is needed
  • No more burning plants
  • There is less risk of fire
  • The temperature of your house will not increase
  • The light can be touched and handled anytime, without fear of burns
In our testing, a single LightBlaze 400 had no significant impact on room temperature after two months of continuous use!

Go Green! If you are an environmentalist then I don't need to remind you that reducing wasted energy will help planet Earth, but you might not know that LEDs themselves do not contain the toxic metals found in HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lamps! That's less hazardous waste to deal with, allowing for easier recycling and safer disposal.

Also, did you know many HID lights such as MH can actually be dangerous to humans due to harmful UV radiation?

Save Your Money

I'm sure you have realized that saving energy means that you are saving money, right? Just in case you weren't sure, we have done the calculations for you

According to the US Dept of Energy the average price of power is 10.7 cents per kilowatt-hour. We will compare the power consumption of a 400 watt HID with our 100 watt LightBlaze 400 grow light. Here are the costs for just 3 13-week cycles:

  • 400 watt HPS : $280.44
  • 100 watt LED : $70.11
And let's not forget that $280.44 is just to power the LIGHT (no additional cooling).

Now for the kicker... not only do these save money while running, but they actually last 6 times as long!

  • Average HID Light : 10,000 hours (1.1 years)
  • LightBlaze LED Light: 60,000 hours (6.9 years)
This means that you can continue to use your LED grow light for a long time to come!

Produce Excellent Growth

Ok so LEDs are good for the environment, save energy, save money, and last forever. But all that is meaningless if they can't induce growth.

We have done extensive in-house testing, and are proud to say that LED growing has proven every bit as effective as current HID solutions!

But on top of that, we feel that this technology can be improved even more to completely surpass all other options. The LightBlaze 400 is our first generation led grow light and we are very pleased with it, but we have more advancements planned - stay tuned!

We are using our light right now and are very excited by our results. Not only does this light save time, money, and energy but it actually performs WELL!

Of course we aren't terribly surprised by the success; we did extensive groundwork before creating this light. We knew it would work because there is real scientific research behind it.

Since our product is so new, the only way to know that we aren't lying is to continue to watch our blog and listen for customer reviews. We are confident our lights will meet or exceed your expectations.

Simpler. Safer.

Traditional HID lights are way more trouble than they are worth. Not only do you need the lamp, you'll need a ballast, a reflector, and a cooling system; not to mention the big heavy power supply you'll be tethered to.

The LightBlaze 400 has none of these problems. There is virtually no heat, no reflector needed, and the power supply is built directly into the light along with the 1 fan cooling system! Simply plug the light in, hang it up and you are good to go, what could be easier?

As far as safety, there is no shortage of stories about big indoor-growing operations tragically ending in devastating fires. The heat generated by a MH or HPS lamp is more than enough to ignite nearby combustible objects. With LED growing this risk is greatly diminished. Especially for the high-volume grower, it makes economical sense to switch to LED grow lights as soon as possible.

Other things to consider:

  • No heat signatures
  • No power spikes
  • Much less fragile
  • No light-related plant damage

With all the amazing benefits, it's hard to think of any reason to not upgrade to LED growing!